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Today, She

Salutations! <3 Since this is my first entry, I'll write a bit about myself. I'm finishing up my first year of Japanese language study and loving it! I'm also taking a class about the culture of Vietnam and the Philippines, and another on Korean culture. It should be a most interesting quarter. I've been watching Ghost in the Shell: S.A.C. 2nd GIG (i <3333 Batou), but I've really been stretching out the episodes because I don't want to finish! I love reading The Onion and watching Mystery Science Theater 3000. Oh, and I work at a movie theater (which sounds waaaay more fun than it is!). Still, I can't complain much cause I work with really awesome people <3 Guess that's all for now~!
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I really like the theme you chose~! It's so so so pretty~! <3