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HaatoBiito ([personal profile] haatobiito) wrote2011-04-17 04:55 pm

This Place is on a Mission

I love mp3 fortune telling. It's so dumb, but I really become giddy when putting my playlist on shuffle, asking a question and divining an answer from the next song that plays. Let's ask what the feel of tomorrow will be! And the answer is... Jigsaw Falling Into Place by Radiohead. Hmmm... When I listen to this song while driving, I always belt it out. It's so cool and intense at the same time, strong emotions behind narrow, watchful eyes. In other news, I got a nearly perfect score on my Japanese test! I don't exactly do a cramming session when I have a test coming up. Instead I constantly review the material, mentally going over last week's homework before class, just to keep sharp. Now to review the kanji for another quiz tomorrow!